Sonntag, 23. Dezember 2012

Anne's Adventuere

I was about to write a new story, when I was listening to music (Daughtry- It's not over/nice song ~).
Afterwards I had a good idea for a story. The story has nothing to do with the song.

The story is about a sixteen -years old called Anne. Anne is brave, smart and has a strong personality. She lives with her parents in a cellar of a small restaurant in New York. Her parents are drug dealers and her eighteen years old brother is addicted to smoking and taking drugs. Anne has another brother,an eight months old one, she considers as the only thing she has been left. The story begins at the funeral of her grandmother.               

                              Chapter I
The Greenwood family met each other at the cementery for her grandmother's funeral. That is the first time that the whole family was together.They are always busy with making money through illegal jobs.
Anne's grandmother was always against this and so Anne. But they are  never listening. She is wondering why everbody comes to her grandmother's funeral. They don't seem to care,to be sad or frustrated. The family seems to wait for something BIG. She has a look to every member of her family. Her  father and her uncle looked each other with a scary look. Anne knows that they don't like each other but why?  ... .
Is that because of the inheritance? Her grandmother will never give one of them the inheritance if she has one. Firstly, they won't share it and secondly she has never mentioned an inheritance in her whole life.

After the funeral everyone went to their own homes. Nobody said goodbye. They don't seem like a family. No one says a word until they arrived at their "flat". Anne's father wants to go crazy. He takes a bottle of alcohol and drinks it. Anne takes her smaler brother to her room and let him sleep. Her 18 years old brother Steven goes outside to smoke. Anne does her homework and goes to sleep. She is always praying before sleeping. Anne wants a normal family with no problems like the families of her mates at college.

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Sarah hat gesagt…

Chapter II will come next week.

Boncuk hat gesagt…

Wow sounds interesting! Keep writing! :D

Sarah hat gesagt…

Thanks my angel :D

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