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Anne's Adventure II

Hey guys, it's been a long time since my last post and also since I started to write "Anne's Adventures". I was very busy with college and stuff. Now you'll get the second chapter of "Anne's Adventures. I really hope you like it.

                         Chapter II            

Anne goes to her school a day after her grandmother's funeral. She enters her classroom and sees all her class mates looking at her and whispering to each other. Anne pretends not to see what they are doing. She takes her seat, which is in the last row of the class room. Anne is always alone at school, at home and outside. She sits, drinks and plays alone. As she takes her place , the most famous girl in her class,Christine, comes to her desk and shows her a picture of Anne.
Anne can't believe it, she begins to get red. The picture shows Anne working on the street, sitting and being paid for weighing people using a scale. Anne wants this photo back and shouts: "Give it back to me! Where did you get this from ?" Christine doesn't answer but she lets the photo travel around the class instead. Anne holds herself so that she won't cry now. She is trying to catch the picture but being the smallest in the class makes it difficult for her. So she leaves it and begins to shout as loud as she can. They stop and let the picture fall on the ground. At this moment the teacher enters the class and asked: "What happend? I heard someone screaming."
That was Mr Sands. He is the favorite teacher of every girl in school, even Anne's. Christine answers: " It was Anne. She was screaming, Sir."
Mr Sands tells Anne to go to the principal immediately. Anne takes her picture and leaves the schoolwhich she really hates. Everyone is wealthy and they live in big nice houses and doesn't have to care about anything. They are the whole oppsite of Anne. Anne goes home and takes her small brother, who was crying the whole time. She takes him and makes him quiet. Her mother was lying on the coach in the living room. Anne can already smell the alcohol in the living room, so she opens the windows. She  makes milk for her brother and makes some food for herself and her family. Her father comes mad and angry like every day. Anne gives him his food and wants to go to her room until her father grasps her from her back and shouts:"GO AND CHECK THE MAILS!" Anne goes to check the mails. There are only bills for her parents to pay but one letter is for her.
She is wondering who might have send her this letter. Anne gives her father the letters and goes straight to her room. She begins to read the letter:

Dear Miss Greenwood,

I want to tell you that your dead grandmother has an inheritance for you which is found in Texas, Dallas.     Unfortunately she hasn't written anything on her testament about the inheritance. She just wanted to make sure that you will get the inheritance and she also mentioned that you will recognise the inheritance when you arrive at this address:

508 Young Street
TX 75202

Anne is shocked, she has never heard of the inheritance. She was thinking that her uncles where only imagining an inheritance but the inheritance now belongs to Anne.
Anne has to make sure that nobody from her family will find out. On the next day she will take the money she has earned and her younger brother and go to the NY airport. 
But how is she going to do it ?

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